Hope in the Waiting

“Therefore, the LORD will wait that He may be gracious to you; And therefore, He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; Blessed are those who wait for Him.” – Isaiah 30:18

A persistent, dull headache and rapid, racecar heartbeat have been my companions the past three weeks. They join me for family meals and Monopoly. They jump on every conference call. They follow me to the bathroom, rude.

Though the Corona Virus has us quarantined with our loved ones, I seem to have a few unwelcome stowaways who won’t abide by the rules of social distancing. Anxiety. Grief. Confusion.

All I want to do is eat, drink, sleep and repeat. You too?

When the world around us is melting, like Velveeta, into something we don’t recognize, how can we remain hopeful and focused on what is true? How can we wait on the LORD?

There are a few key practices I believe will help us stay grounded in hope during this unique challenge.

Prayer. Talk to God through the headache and in the heartache. He already knows. And He is waiting to be gracious to you.

Scripture. Go to God’s Word for the comfort, guidance, and support you need. He is waiting to be merciful to you, to light your path.

Service. Help others in need. While we wait for the green light to go back to work, to eat out together at our favorite restaurant, or to throw the graduation party, God is on the throne. He is just and He is sovereign. If we can place our eyes on Him and look for ways to lift up the hearts and countenance of those around us, He will bless us.

Find hope in the waiting. God’s ways are higher than ours, His plan is better than ours. He is gracious. He is merciful. He is just.


2 thoughts on “Hope in the Waiting

  1. Carin Wells

    He is just.  This is my end of the day finale to settle my mind, dull the headache and slow my restless roll 🙂 Miss you my friend!xoxo,Carin

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